I worked with the US Embassy for the Education USA Fair 2017, which brings representatives from schools from all over the United States to Manila for students both in high school and in college (including who wish to pursue further study as well!) to get to know them better and see what opportunities they can take advantage of.

One of my best friends, who interned for the company of BLU Energy Drink, hired me to do collaterals for their thesis. I was asked to redo their branding, plus a few collaterals here and there, which included a new set of packaging, a website mockup, a social media mockup, a billboard mockup, and a couple of posters.




These materials were for the last project I worked on while I was still an undergrad in La Salle. It was for the Junior Entrepreneurs’ Marketing Association’s The Marketers’ Clutch, an overnight business competition wherein competitors were to solve and present a business case the following day.







If you’d like to see the same-day edit video I didn’t mean to do (it wasn’t in my agenda at all), you can view it here.

On another note, officers and central committee members were asked to change their profile photos on Facebook to these. Since it was an overnight business case competition, I asked them to think of props I could incorporate that would keep them up at night like music in my case or sugar, (hence the lollipops, doughnut, and the venti Starbucks) or school-related things like folders.

Over the term break I got to work with a bunch of crazy individuals (the good kind!) in creating daily posts and advertisements for various companies – here are some of my favorite picks (and yes, it’s really “a Yilinker member”).

This set of collaterals was for a group of Marketing students who needed help with their thesis under Smart Communications. It was a campaign for Buqo, Smart’s one-stop online store app for magazines. Despite the tight deadline, I think I was able to deliver.

This was an infographic I made for a friend who was an intern for PLDT. It was to warn people to be prepared for the rain, and how they should have the following items within reach.


As the biggest and premier marketing organization in De La Salle University, the Junior Entrepreneurs’ Marketing Association welcome the new batch of Marketing freshmen or frosh to DLSU.